Born in Athens, Greece in 1995. Aspiring Cinematographer. Currently in my final year studying Film at the University of South Wales, Cardiff. Love to meet and work with new people, got strong planning and organizational skills, easily adaptable. I am an enthusiastic, motivational and determined person who loves teamwork and creativity. I have a passion for photography and filming, as well as experience in using a variety of cameras including Red Epic and Arri Alexa and I feel confident in helping everywhere needed.

        My early childhood unleashed a desire for me to observe things thoroughly and be interested in ‘what is behind’. Each hobby I had over the years has helped me shape many aspects of my personality. In addition, ballet, tennis and several athletics were some examples of my hobbies. I also have a huge passion for photography and theatre and I have participated in various performances of both drama and music-based plays. Finally, I took part in many amateur exhibitions with my photographs and paintings.

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